Where, other than the track, can I rehearse/perform Music on Track?

Anywhere with a big enough area! All Sequence blocks are 32 feet in depth, and the width ranges from 24 ft. (12 dots) to 32 ft. (16 dots) to 40 ft. (20 dots) Thus, any space larger than 40x32 feet will fit any individual sequence block. A standard high school gym is a terrific practice AND performance space. A standard high school basketball court is 94x50 feet. This means three 16 dot blocks or a 20 dot flanked by two 12 dot blocks can fit side by side on the basketball court alone, not including the sides, with space in the back from the drumline and colorguard/danceline. Numbers can be performed not just at football games, but basketball games, assemblies, pep rallies, and recruiting trips to your feeder! No program should ever not rehearse because they didn't access to an appropriate space.      

What if my winds aren't divisible by any combination of 12, 16 and 20?


If your wind section numbers don't fit any combination sequence blocks, the two best alternatives are moving certain instruments like the sousaphones or trombones back with the drumline or have alternates. This means that two people will be assigned to the same dot but will alternate performances or movements.

What if my football team has gear in the drumline space?


Because Music on Track is essentially performed in a parade block formation, the band is incredibly mobile. YOU decide where your fifty yard line is and can choose to perform on any portion of the track. Play the first tune to the far side of the stands and then march back over to the other side for the second. 

What about trombones?

While trombones provide a challenge with close proximity drill, our designers will work closely with you to best position your trombone players to be not only successful but safe as well.