Mission Statement

Music On Track is designed to give smaller bands the opportunity to develop stunning performances without having the numbers of a massive band program. By moving the stage to a standard running track, Music On Track brings the audience closer to the performance and the band front and center at halftime.


Music On Track creates marching routines that can be performed on stadium tracks, gymnasiums, or anywhere with a space big enough to accommodate. The routines are based on a grid designed to fit your standard eight lane running track with the lanes providing front to back check marks and some type of marker (cones, yard markers, anything) for the side to side. The standard running lane is 4 feet wide making the standard step size for Music On Track two feet, allowing for an easy transition from field to track as an “8 to 5” step size is almost the same at 1.85 feet.

Sequence Blocks

The sequence block is a group of performers of a certain size that move inside the defined boundary. The sequence blocks will either perform the same move or mix and match to create contrasting effects. Below is an example of a drill sheet that demonstrates the sequence blocks: 

The Numbers

Sequence blocks come in 12, 16, and 20 dots. Choose the block that comes closest to dividing your wind performers evenly. Sequence blocks can be placed side by side down the length of the track, but we do not exceed five blocks as timing issues that may arise from increased distance from the middle. Blocks can be mixed and matched; for example, if your band is 52 performers, combine sequence blocks 16 and 20 so they look like this:

Triple Block 16|20|16.png